Jens Hoffmann

Porträt Jens HoffmannJens Hoffmann is an expert on Service Innovation, Governance, Compliance and Risk Management for international companies in the sectors IT, Telecommunication, Transport & Logistics, Defence and Retail.

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Katrin Elster

Porträt Katrin ElsterKatrin Elster is an expert in sustainable innovation and development: Un-consulting for (re)inventing companies‘ business strategies, (re)starting projects or (re)focussing teams. For organisational learning and transformation she prefers the approach of co-creation and participatory design, being specialised and experienced in diverse methods for group facilitation, project and risk management (certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator and PRINCE2 practitioner). She studied nutritional science and home economics with focus on communication and sustainability.

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Andreas Thier

Porträt Andreas Thier

Andreas Thier is an expert on sustainable business solutions in IT environments. He is a systems thinking (un)consultant and facilitator specialized and experienced in developing and implementing IT Services and Processes. He is always focused on business needs. He studied information science and is a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator, project manager (PRINCE2) and risk manager (CISA). With this background he does not only design new solutions and changes, he also runs the projects to implement and integrate them into your business and manages the potential risks and chances that are coming along with them.

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